Joseph made the whole process incredibly easy. Even though our wedding was at such short notice he made us his priority. His speech on the day added a personal touch to make it a day we will never forget for the rest of our lives. We are very thankful.
— Theresa T.

Our simple wedding ceremony couldn't have been more perfect. My husband and I feel lucky that Joseph was able to blend our cultures by using both English and Chinese. We love how he really personalised our moment and also made the whole experience really special for us. Great memories for us and our loved ones! Thank you Joseph! .

— Kristy R.

Joseph was better than great. He went through everything with us and was easy to work with. Having Joseph do our ceremony in Mandarin as well as English , so our family and friends that travelled from Taiwan could understand what was going on and feel as though they were a part of our special day. It just made it even more special. He is calm, organised and has a great sense of humour. I highly recommend Joseph Cheung . Mate, thanks again for a beautiful ceremony

— Paul C.

Joseph was totally professional. He conducted a service for us both in Chinese and English. Happy with the service overall. The day was absolutely perfect.
— Robert D

Thank you Joseph and Gloria for making our wedding ceremony everything we could have wanted. 

— Raven L.

Highly recommend to anyone, best celebrant ever, thank you again!

— Maisy L.

Joseph was amazing. He was organised and ran us through everything. He gave us flexibility with our vows and was able to tailor them perfectly for us. On the day Joseph was on time and had everything planned out brilliantly. He spoke with confidence without being too serious.

— Erin F.

结婚对于我们来说肯定是又向往,又新奇,希望顺顺利利,又希望方便快捷。但是一般人很少全面了解在澳洲结婚的全部法律过程,那么选一个好的婚礼主持人就显得至关重要了。优秀的主持人他会仔细,全面地为你著想,尽力为结婚新人服务,使他们在结婚过程中少走弯路,避免了许多麻烦,这点在结婚这件大事上尤其显得重要。最近我们结婚了,请了一位 Joseph Cheung 的结婚主持人,从三个月前的结婚准备开始,一直到最近完美成婚,其中许多原来没有预料到的事情都一个一个地冒出来了,我们俩都很著急,俩个人又分别在悉尼和昆士兰两地,解决起来更是麻烦,都是 Cheung 先生帮我们打电话,两头联络,甚至把他在悉尼的朋友也拉进来帮忙填单签字,真的是尽心尽力,完全站在我们客户的位置上,不计较他自己的付出。我们的结婚仪式地点比较远离市区,Cheung先生没有提一个字。我们想要快点拿到州政府的结婚证,Cheung先生第二天就搞定了,真的使我们很感动,打心眼里感谢他。在此再次对他表示由衷的感谢。
— Mr and Mrs Shen

We just recently got married with the help of Joseph Cheung being our marriage celebrant. As a marriage celebrant, Joseph is highly professional and able to address all our demands and concerns. Also, a couple of late meetings were arranged in order to fit into our tight schedule, so that we were able to run through the details. Joseph is great of help and we are so glad that we had him as our marriage celebrant.

— Joe L. & Susan J.

谢谢 Joseph. 昨天太感谢了。我们的故事您写得真好,好开心。谢谢谢谢。

— Mr & Mrs Jiang

Hi Joseph, we really want to say a big thank you for your excellent work on our wedding ceremony. We loved it.

— Mr & Mrs Dakin

Thank you for your amazing service Joseph! Everyone really enjoyed it and you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much again.

— Mr & Mrs Huynh

Hi Joseph, Thank you so much for all of your work on Saturday. It was better than I ever could have dreamed it would be! You were so warm and funny and everyone loved the ceremony!!

— Jordan A.

It has been an exceptional experience since the moment we first got in touch with Joseph and Gloria. They spent time to meet with us several times beforehand to learn about the stories between the two of us, make sure we understand what we need to prepare for a smooth ceremony and had a rehearsal the day before our wedding. Exceeding our expectation, our ceremony went very smoothly and touching! Big thanks to Joseph for his professional and personalized speech which impressed every guests especially the two of us. You can pay for a wedding service but the remarkable memory Joseph gave us was priceless. We highly recommend their service to other couples who are planning their wedding! ♥️

— Michelle T.